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Интерфейсные модули и Линейные карты Juniper для ACX серии

Интерфейсный модуль Juniper ACX-MIC-16CHE1-T1-CE
16 Port Channelized T1, Channelized E1 (down to DS0) MIC, RJ48 Connector, ACX , Supported on ACX 4000 only
Juniper ACX-MIC-16CHE1-T1-CE
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Интерфейсный модуль Juniper ACX-MIC-4COC3-1COC12CE
Multirate Circuit Emulation MIC, 4 port channelized OC3/STM1 (down to DS0) or 1 port channelized OC12/STM4 (down to DS0) CE MIC for ACX 4000, Port 0 can be configured for OC12 which disables ports 1-3
Juniper ACX-MIC-4COC3-1COC12CE
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Интерфейсный модуль Juniper ACX-MIC-6GE-CU-SFP
ACX4000 MIC, 6xGE RJ45/SFP Combo ports, Temprature hardened, Plug-in Module (Optics Sold Separately)
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